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Snowmobiling in British Columbia

British Columbia winter offers several exhilarating and adventurous activities for local and foreign tourists. Here, one can enjoy skating, skiing and snowboarding. But best of all, there’s snowmobiling. The reason why snowmobiling is the best of all is that it allows you to explore all the areas of the countryside, both known and unknown. Also, since snowmobiles are known for their speed and mobility, all y

Guest Ranches In British Columbia

British Columbia is the place to be if you want to experience the Western frontier.Travelers are recommended to visit the world famous guest ranches. However, it may be best that you contact the ranches first since some caters to adults only. These guest ranches provide amenities that everyone will love. From hospitality to good food and some outdoor adventures, cowboy fans may love these places. Some places even

Bird Watching in British Columbia

British Columbia is one of the best places to go bird watching. It harbors plenty of bird species, ranging from raptors, marine birds and water fowls. Its environment is so diverse that anyone will get to see almost all the kinds of birds they wish to see. Also, since this place is so abundant when it comes to forests and even wetlands, there is no reason for you not to see the types of birds that bird watchers lo

Victoria Bed and Breakfast

Victoria, British Columbia is home to several elegant, classy and homey bed and breakfasts or B & Bs. If you get to go there on vacation, you can choose in any of those that are available while there. Of course, the sight itself is secondary only to the amenities offered to vacationists so make sure you get to lavish the most of it. Below are some of the bed and breakfasts that you may want to check out while

Ski Resorts in British Columbia

Probably the best thing about skiing in British Columbia is the accommodation services. Coupled with its snow-capped wilderness and wonderful scenery, an adrenaline-packed adventure may not be far from impossibility. Ski enthusiasts, even the amateurs, always look for the best in terms of the places and topography. And possibly everything anyone would like to experience is present in British Columbia. That is, both

Spa Resorts in British Columbia

When vacationing in British Columbia, there is nothing more refreshing than going to a spa resort. After engaging in a vigorous activity like kayaking or the likes, it is best that you experience physical and spiritual rejuvenation. Since your wellbeing is the most important thing in your life, treat yourself with massages, aromatherapy and body wraps. Allow yourself to enjoy the therapeutic values that spa resort

Fishing Resorts In British Columbia

When it comes to fishing, British Columbia is one of the best places in the world to do just that. With all its pristine and crystal-clear waters, the fishing resorts in this part of Canada are possibly one of the best way to experience freshwater and saltwater fishing. Its fishing resorts have different ways to accommodate you. So all you have to do is choose which suits you the most. Whether you are on vacation

British Columbia Outdoors Wilderness Guide

Surviving in the British Columbian wilderness is no easy trick. Even the most experienced adventurers and explorers out there succumb to the harrowing ordeals that Mother Nature throws at them. Heck, maybe not even the notable TV explorer Bear Grylls himself. But if you are a diehard adventurer to the core and want to give British Columbia a try, then these are the things you have to do to survive. Load yourself wi

Cat Skiing in British Columbia

British Columbia is not just all about lush green forests, rich wildlife and undiscovered wilderness. If you haven’t been looking around lately there are also snow-capped mountains and, of course, lots of snow, snow, snow. What is the best thing about snow? Skiing, definitely. Cat skiing in British Columbia is a fun-filled and rigorous activity. It is all about action, adventure, and adrenaline. Obviously, i

Experience Sea Kayaking in British Columbia

British Columbia has several sites to offer when it comes to sea kayaking. This makes it an ideal site for those who are into this outgoing activity. Exhilarating as it can be, sea kayaking will prove to be a swell and quite an experience to both seasoned and unseasoned kayakers alike. Whether you want to relive the past by visiting the centuries-old totem poles of Haida Gwaii or witness killer whales in their nat