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Vancouver Eating Out

Known for its wonderful restaurants and great food, traveling to Vancouver is a treat both for the eyes and the stomach. For the first time travelers to Vancouver, the city has its own Pacific Northwestern cuisine, a local style of cooking where cooking methods use only a selection of the most fresh of ingredients. Specialties in Vancouver include crab, scallops and sablefish. Also, the city is known as a mixing p

Fort St John: The Energetic City

Located in the northeastern part of British Columbia is a small city that is known for its natural resources of oil, natural gas, forestry and agriculture and a generally young, energetic and enthusiastic populace. The City of Fort St. John is known throughout Canada as the "The Energetic City." This small city of about 17,000 people is a member municipality of the Peace River Regional District. The city

Salmon Fishing in British Columbia

One of the reasons why the great outdoors of British Columbia attracts a lot of people is because the region is famous for fishing. Anglers from across the country and even around the world go to British Columbia to partake in this extraordinary sport. Fishing for sturgeons, chinook salmons, sockeye salmons, coho salmons, pink salmons, steelhead, cutthroats, and rainbow trouts are popular targets. These are but a

Biodiversity of British Columbia

British Columbia has a rich biodiversity having four climatic conditions, dry, humid temperate, and polar climates. In fact, British Columbia holds three-quarters of Canada’s mammal species. Twenty-four mammal species are exclusive to the province. There are 488 species of birds, 468 species of fish, 142 species of mammals, 22 species of amphibians, and 18 species of reptiles in British Columbia. Insect speci

Ksan: Historical Village

The Ksan Historical Village, near Old Hazelton is considered as a major cultural heritage site if British Columbia. Located near the ancient village of Gitanmaax and right where the Bulkley and Skeena Rivers crosses. It is both an important tourist attraction and a cultural site for the Gitxsan people. The site faithfully recreates a traditional Gitxsan which are also known as the people of the river of mists. The

The Kootenay Rockies

British Columbia’s Kootenay Rockies has been described as the region’s mountain oriented vacation spot featuring Canada’s most stunning mountain view. The Kootenay Rockies starts from the Okanagan Valley in the west and stretches to the Alberta border in the east. Including the Rockies, there are four mountain ranges in the region, the other three being the Selkirks, Purcells, and Monashees. A lo

Things to Do in Vancouver

Vancouver is the largest city in Western Canada, and the third largest in the whole country. It is located in the southwestern corner of the coastal province of British Columbia, and well-known for its majestic natural beauty being nestled between the Coast Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Vancouver is frequently ranked as one of the "best cities to live in," making it a hit among tourists and immigrants

The West Coast Trail

Located on the southern west coast of Vancouver Island is a 77 kilometer trail that starts from Port Renfrew on the south end to Bamfield on the north end. Commonly referred to as the West Coast Trail, this place is a favorite among hikers. The trail features a lot of variety. From climbing clifflike ladders, wading mud bogs, riding cable cars, scrambling over slippery ocean boulders, racing the tides, maneuvering

Panorama Mountain Resort

One of the best resorts in British Columbia can be found in this side of the Canadian Rockies.  The Panorama Mountain Village Resort dazzles its visitors with breathtaking scenery surrounding this intimate alpine village no matter what the season. On winters, Panorama offers exquisite terrain for downhill skiers and boarders of all abilities, with groomed cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trails, as well as

Vancouver’s, Multiculturalism & Diversity

Vancouver is proud of its diversity, with richly woven textures and traditions of different cultures, lifestyles, and experiences. Several locations in the city would leave you a lasting impression and get to learn more about these cultures. For starters, visitors in Vancouver could explore the award-winning Museum of Anthropology, where thousands of artifacts and objects linking to British Columbia’s First N