Bird Watching in British Columbia

canadian duckBritish Columbia is one of the best places to go bird watching. It harbors plenty of bird species, ranging from raptors, marine birds and water fowls. Its environment is so diverse that anyone will get to see almost all the kinds of birds they wish to see.

Also, since this place is so abundant when it comes to forests and even wetlands, there is no reason for you not to see the types of birds that bird watchers love to see. In addition to that, British Columbia offers the finest when it comes to viewing eagles. This is due to its seasonal salmon runs.

Below are some of the finest bird species that anyone will see in British Columbia. As exotic as these birds can be, they can be one of the greatest source of bird watching.

Hawks, falcons, eagles and other predatory birds

British Columbia is home to bald eagle, golden eagle, red-tailed falcon, peregrine falcon, northern goshawk, and turkey vulture


British Columbia is also a perfect place for bird watchers. You can find here burrowing owl, great horned owl, snowy owl, and western screech-owl

Marine and forest birds and water fowls

The province also boasts the following marine and forest birds and water fowls: American kestrel, black-capped chickadee, Brant goose, Canada goose, common merganser, Downy woodpecker, great blue heron, grey jay, loon, mallard, and northern harrier.

British Colmubia is also home to northern pintail, the Osprey, ring-necked pheasant, red-winged blackbird, Rufous Hummingbird, ruffed grouse, trumpeter swan, white pelican, and wood duck

The best thing about British Columbia is that its wilderness is so wild and untamed. This makes it one of the greatest tourist spots when it comes to bird-watching and the likes. So for bird watchers out there, this place is all for you.


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