British Columbia Storm Watching

Winter vacationers from different parts of the globe travel to travel to the beautiful fishing villages of storm watchingUcluelet and Tofino to participate in an unique activity called storm watching.

The season of storm watching range from November to March, when the province is visited by 10 to 15 storms every month peaking into December to February. It is during this time Tofino gets a majority of its annual rainfall of 5 meters. The storms are also so strong, the rain falls almost horizontally.

Storm watching is a relatively new tourist attraction in the west coast of Vancouver Island, although this has been practiced by the locals for thousands of years as they watch, brace against, and surviving winter storms. This activity does not require additional equipment, only that the observers should be still and feel at awe on nature’s show of force. Witness the waves of the Pacific Ocean pound agains the coastal rocks and the wind rattling against your double-paned window.

If you plan on storm watching, it is best to check in hotels and B&B’s that are facing the ocean. It is also a plus if you find in the establishment some good books, a fireplace, and perhaps a down duvet that you can put on your lap.

Or if you are planning on becoming a little bit more adventurous, try heading out into the storm and experience the power of the wind, observe the giant waves, and hear the two sound harmoniously together.

Among locations that are recommended when it comes to storm watching are the following:

A Snug Harbour Inn, which is nestled on the edge of an 85-foot cliff overlooking the rugged Pacific coastline. Guests can experience the incredible sights and sounds of a winter storm from the comfort of their own luxury oceanfront room.


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