Dude Ranches in British Columbia

ranchAs we all know, dude ranches, or guest ranches, are ranches that cater to tourists and visitors. Its history was derived from Americans who wanted to romanticize histories related to the American Frontier. Since there are those who wanted to experience the western American life by traveling its vast territories, these ranches were built so that those who are willing to travel there would not have to undergo the harshness of the American western landscapes.

In British Columbia there are also several of these dude ranches that offer amenities any tourist or visitor are looking for. As each has its own way to let a guest know what being special truly means, they provide people with the right service features that will want to experience. As this place has very breath-taking panoramas, it is like living in a hotel in the heart of nature’s grandest form.

These are the certain dude ranches in British Columbia that you might want to see for yourself.

Hills Health and Guest Ranch

Telephone number: 1-250-791-5225

fax number: 1-250-791-6384

For about $170 to $350, you get to have saunas, beauty spas, dip in a jacuzzi, engage in aerobic classes and massage. In addition, room amenities like a private bathroom with bathtub and shower, a kitchenette, a balcony, watch TV, and even surf the Internet. For the best part, the beautiful view will tell you about it.

Nakiska Ranch

telephone number: 1-250-674-3655

fax number: 1-250-674-3387

Rated as a four-star dude ranch, you can enjoy cross-country skiing and horseback riding. With room service and a Swiss breakfast, rates are seasonal and it ranges from $105-$145. Of course, if you wanted to bring your small pets with you, they are most welcome here.

Echo Valley Ranch and Spa

Toll free number: 1-800-253-8831
fax number: 1-250-459-0086

At rates of about $210-$285, you get to experience the Canadian wilderness before you as you can go horseback riding, hiking and white water rafting. With sauna and an indoor swimming pool, who can ask for more? Enjoy gourmet food as well with your family and, yes, you can bring along your pets with you.

Jandana Ranch

Telephone number: 1-250-573-5800
fax number: 1-250-573-5820

If you want to learn horseback riding in Canada and enjoy the view of the ocean, you have picked the right dude ranch for you. For $98-$98 it offers a private bathroom and kitchen. If you want to bring your pets along with you, there is nothing to worry about for pets are allowed here.

Canyon Ranchlands

Telephone number: 1-604-867-9555
fax number: 1-604-867-9048

Want to ride horses but you have no experience? This dude ranch will just perfectly suit that need. But they offer more than that. With a private bathroom and an air conditioning and rates of up to $90-$300, this is open all year long. In addition, they have business amenities like a meeting and banquet facility.

The Cabins at Whitewall

Telephone number: 1-250-342-1340

This dude ranch offers Canada’s majestic panoramas while you enjoy the outdoors. Go ride canoes and snowmobiles or you may as well, enjoy fishing, swimming, cross country skiing and hiking. For rates of about $100-$300, you get to have several room amenities and even bring your pets along.

Tyax Mountain Lake Resort

Telephone number: 1-250-238-2221
fax number: 1-250-238-2528

Located beside Tyax Lake, this boasts its various room amenities and features that it can offer to those who are willing to experience the ultimate Canadian wilderness. With facilities that allow you to play tennis and volleyball, sink into a Jacuzzi or swimming pool, and even engage rigorous activities like archery and lumberjack competitions, this is the best dude ranch for you at rates of $144-$538, which, you will find out, is worth it.


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