Experience Chinatown in British Columbia

chinatown British ColumbiaChina Town sprung like a mushroom in almost all over the world also due to the Chinese immigration. Together with this Chinese food has conquered the world by storm.

Noodles, dim sum and the hype of using chopsticks has become a constant sight almost anywhere. Yet, despite the commercialization of these Chinese things they say that nothing compares with the authentic ones that can be found in no other than China Town.

Forty percent of Richmond’s population is composed of Chinese and twenty percent our of the hundred originated somewhere else in Asia. Authentic Chinese Restaurants to sum it up the Chinese Community is located in Richmond of British Columbia.

Richmond was merely once a place full of blueberries and dairy cows until the local businessman and at the same time community leader Bennie Yung came in town in 1975. The place does not have even a single one Chinese Restaurant until many Chinese migrated in the country from Hong Kong and Taiwan and resided mostly in Richmond.

It was said that the food in British Columbia’s China Town has the finest and most exquisite tasting Chinese food in the world. Today, there is an estimated number of four hundred restaurants in town.

Feast your eyes into 60 dim sum items to chose from at the Aberdeen Centre’s chic Fisherman’s Terrace Restaurant. For fantastically hot Chinese soup you might want to try the Garden City Hot Pot. If you are one of them people who adores seafood such as crab or rather king crab with garlic you might as well pat the Sun Sui Wah a visit. All these restaurants and more can be found in Richmond and they are all really lovely.






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