Guest Ranches In British Columbia

ranchBritish Columbia is the place to be if you want to experience the Western frontier.Travelers are recommended to visit the world famous guest ranches. However, it may be best that you contact the ranches first since some caters to adults only.

These guest ranches provide amenities that everyone will love. From hospitality to good food and some outdoor adventures, cowboy fans may love these places. Some places even let you experience cattle ranching as well as driving and branding.

Some ranches have luxury resorts that has room service, including air conditioning and spa facilities. There are other lodges that are distant from civilization and allows you to experience the life in the back country. Below are some of the best guest ranches found in British Columbia.

British Columbia Guest Ranches and Western Vacations

Located at the BC Rockies, this ranch offers several amenities for the whole family. The staff in this places are actually cattle ranchers themselves. This means that guests themselves can partake in the driving and branding of cattle, among other things.

They have games and programs for children. Horseback riding and fishing can also be experienced here. Additionally, there are spa services that can offer relaxation. But, of course, for the best part, you get to experience the back country adventure that you want to experience in a guest ranch.

For more information, you can contact them at: You can even call their toll free number at 1-877-2STAY-BC. For a US toll free number, call: 1-877-278-2922.

Euchiniko Lakes Ranch

This ranch is located at Blackwater River. It provides some of the great outdoor adventures like horseback riding, river fly fishing and big game hunting among others. When it comes to fishing, nothing comes colse to freshwater trout straight from the Blackwater River.

When it comes to big game hunting, you get to hunt moose, caribou, duck, goose and grouse. Also, during winter, you can hunt wolf using snowmobiles. So if you want some hunting adventures aside from fishing and horseback riding, this is the best ranch to be.

If you want more information with this guest ranch, you can contact them at


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