Lake Louise Ski Resort

Lake Louise BanffLake Louise offer a stunning backdrop to a ski resort that has become quite a popular destination for many tourists looking for an exciting skiing and snowboarding adventure. Lake Louise is a mountain lake that is located right in the middle of Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies. The lake is approximately 115 miles west of Calgary and 36 miles west of the town of Banff. It is a spectacular location surrounded by snow-capped peaks and with a large glacier at the far end, just the perfect setting for a ski resort.  

The Lake Louise Ski Resort is considered as one of the premier ski resorts in Canada with a lot of things to offer to both first and long time visitors. The ski resort has an interesting selection of different terrains for skiers and snowboarders alike, whether beginners or already on the expert level. The ski resort has the perfect setting that allows the best snow conditions for skiers and snowboarders who try out its challenging runs. The facilities available at the ski resort allow tourists to enjoy a more convenient as well as memorable winter vacation. Aside from the usual skiing, there are a host of other activities that visitors can enjoy whenever they find themselves at the Lake Louise Ski Resort.

For the more adventurous skiers and snowboarders, heli-skiing is available for tourists to try out.  Heli-skiing allows tourists to find pleasurable skiing conditions in the Lake Louise area that is usually not accessible through the usual means. This will provide tourists with a one of a kind skiing experience that may not be replicated again.

The ski resort also has a race center that allows visitors to take part in a fun race competition with friends or other fellow tourists. A race course set up to professional athlete levels is available for group tourists to enjoy. This would be a good choice for a team building activity. If racing is out of the question, there are still other enjoyable activities to try out. Dog sledding is also being offered at the resort if tourists want to experience a unique yet time-tested way of exploring the snow-covered paradise. Sleigh rides are also available.

For relaxation, the Lake Louise Ski Resort also offers tourist a chance to soak into the mineral hot springs in the area. One may be able to escape the cold winter by soaking the day away at the hot springs. Even shopping is not a problem at the resort as there are over 200 retails stores to visit and check out in and around the Banff area.


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