River Rafting in British Columbia

river raftingRiver rafting is one of the most pleasurable activities out there, if not rigorous since you sometimes have to paddle your way through rapids and all. But, of course, what would river rafting be if you are denied of enjoying a panoramic view?

In the Rockies in British Columbia, there are several places that offer the grandeur and excitement all at once. The Rockies region is home to wildlife and is teeming of lush forest scenery.

This will not only provide the kind of adventure that anyone wants, it will also make every moment memorable. In addition, with the presence of the forests of pines and several alpine meadows, every visitor, tourist and the like will never ever think of regretting having spent a great time with it.

There are various destinations in British Columbia to choose from. Each taking pride in the services they have to offer, all ranging from expertise and professionalism to unequaled accommodation. In addition to that, the unforgettable experiences that they can provide to everyone.

Here are two of the unparalleled destinations in the Rockies region in British Columbia where you can get to experience wild river rafting in the most exhilarating way.

Alpine Rafting

Challenges eager tourists to try kayaking on the Kicking Horse River, which is considered as British Columbia’s best and biggest. The one kilometer thrill ride will give you a beautiful view of Yoho National Park and the Canadian Rockies.

You can select the trip that you prefer to take, and from which you may get to witness wildlife and the other majestic waterfall formation. With expert guides knowledgeable of the river, what is there for river-rafting newcomers to be hesitant of the challenge?

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Kootenay River Runners

Operate as well at Kicking Horse. With several trips to enjoy, you can paddle your way wildly across the Upper River Canyon, which runs 20 kilometers starting from base camp, or take the Toby Creek Odyssey, which is a challenge for all professional rafters out there yet to enjoy British Columbia. With package trips for families and adventure-seekers alike, this is one of the best ways to enjoy this region of BC.

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