Salmon Fishing in British Columbia

fishingOne of the reasons why the great outdoors of British Columbia attracts a lot of people is because the region is famous for fishing. Anglers from across the country and even around the world go to British Columbia to partake in this extraordinary sport.

Fishing for sturgeons, chinook salmons, sockeye salmons, coho salmons, pink salmons, steelhead, cutthroats, and rainbow trouts are popular targets. These are but a few of the fish species that can be caught in British Columbia. Some other fishes that come to mind include the cod, burbot, trout, and whitefish. Salmon fishing in particular is quite popular, with the fish being especially plentiful around Vancouver Island and the Kootenay Rockies.

The different species of salmon offer anglers a varied fishing experience every time. For the newbies, it would be great to learn to distinguish between species as well as get to learn where to cast the line and tackle and bring it in once you feel a bite.

The Chinook salmon or Spring salmon is the biggest species of salmon in British Columbia. That’s why the Chinook salmon is also often referred to as the King salmon. The King salmons are the largest of the salmon species, with some growing to over 60 lbs. They are extremely powerful and can spool 200 yards of 30 lb. line quite fast. Most of huge clusters of Chinook Salmon can be found in the Fraser, Chehalis and Chilliwack/Vedder Rivers of British Columbia.

Coho salmons are smaller fish which ranges only 25lbs in size. However, the Coho salmon stocks have been diminishing in numbers in the past years and is already being eyed to be included in their conservation listings. Cohos are identified with black spots on top half of tail, black mouth, and white gums.

Chum Salmons on the other hand have more than enough stocks. In fact, anglers even find them as a nuisance during their migration route. The Chum salmons weigh almost the same as Cohos at 20 to 25 pounds. These are very stubborn salmon species and are more noted for their aerial display. It can be hard to catch one since they are large and strong enough to offer a good battle for an angler. They are not considered that best species for eating and are often released after being caught and being photographed with it.

Another salmon species known for aerobic performances are the Sockeye salmons. These species are often considered as the best fighting salmon for their size. Catch and release fishing is also the most popular fishing method applied for sockeye salmons.

Pink Salmons enter the river in late August on odd years 2005, 2007, 2009, etc. and can reach weights of 7 lbs. These are another rather aggressive salmon species and can always offer anglers a good fight. The fish is identified by large black spots on tail, greenish color males, hump on back.


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