Ski Resorts in British Columbia

ski resortProbably the best thing about skiing in British Columbia is the accommodation services. Coupled with its snow-capped wilderness and wonderful scenery, an adrenaline-packed adventure may not be far from impossibility.

Ski enthusiasts, even the amateurs, always look for the best in terms of the places and topography. And possibly everything anyone would like to experience is present in British Columbia. That is, both in the Interior Region and the Rockies.

Below are some of the popular ski resorts in the aforementioned places.

In the British Columbia Internal Region:

Silver Star Mountain Resort

With a seasonal operation from November to April, this place poses a challenge for thrill-seekers out there. Having a base elevation of about 3,780 feet and a vertical drop of 2,500 feet, this is an adrenaline challenge that ski enthusiasts will just in love with.

Apex Mountain Resort

The best thing about this resort is the fact that it is number one all across Canada. It provides various activities for the whole family. With a 2,000 feet of dry powder, Apex Mountain Resort and its accommodations may just suit your adrenaline needs.

In the British Columbia Rockies:

Fernie Alpine Resort

This resort has hit the top ten charts as the best places to ski. With 29 feet of snow and a seasonal operation from December to April, this place even caters to beginners who are interested to learn skiing. It has a vertical drop of 2,811 feet which may just inspire awe to skiers, amateur or professional alike.

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

The name alone may be enough to inspire adrenaline junkies out there. Its 4,133 foot drop is the second longest in the whole of Canada. Coupled with light, dry powder across its alpine terrain, this resort will just prove to be one of the best places to enjoy an adventurous, adrenaline ride.


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