Snowboarding in British Columbia

SnowboardThe winter experience in British Columbia is invigorating, fun and full of adventure. A haven of majestic blue skies, gust of cold wind and mountains, alpine meadows and hills covered with white blankets of snow, its breathtaking beauty allure tourists to experience the thrill of the mountains, without the fear of sliding down solo. This art of Mother Nature is considered the perfect place for skating, skiing and snowmobiling.

Snowmobiling offers tourists the mobility to explore remote back country areas of British Columbia. British Columbia offers world class snowmobiling terrain, from gentle slopes to switchbacks. Every region has excellent sledding conditions with groomed trails and varied terrain for all levels of snow mobilers from beginner to advanced riders.

Some may opt for a more tranquil glide down the mountainside alongside skiers and snowboarders. The Sno-Limo is designed for comfort and convenience. It’s like a ski stroller for adults. the passengers will be strapped securely into a seat on skis and will be escorted down the slopes by an experienced skier who knows how to maneuver and control the contraption’s speed and angle of the commute.

Other ways of traveling through the snow is dog-sledding, a mode that have been around for a long time. The dog-sled is composed of a team of six excited dogs in harness. The whistle of the driver, or musher, signals the dogs to take off, tearing along a snow-covered path and travels through a telemetric journey.

There are many family-oriented ski resorts in British Columbia. Reaching these resorts could be a challenge as it involves driving roads which conditions vary that may result for a travel of about 6 hours. These resorts are highly recommendable since they offer a variety of enjoyable activities for kids, accommodations and lighter and drier snow.

For a safe snow experience, always check out snow conditions. Never refrain from contacting local snowmobilers for updates about conditions of the area. Check for possibilities of an intending avalanche if planning to head to the mountains.  Take along common spare parts for the machine, carry a first aid kit, extra food and water. The most important rule of all: always let someone know the details of destination so that when emergency happens, there are people who are always ready for rescue.


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