The Kootenay Rockies

British Columbia’s Kootenay Rockies has been described as the region’s mountain oriented vacation spot hiking british columbiafeaturing Canada’s most stunning mountain view.

The Kootenay Rockies starts from the Okanagan Valley in the west and stretches to the Alberta border in the east. Including the Rockies, there are four mountain ranges in the region, the other three being the Selkirks, Purcells, and Monashees. A lot of mountain climbers have come in the region to scale mountains and tackle peaks like Mount Findlay and Hamill Peak, which are both over 3,600 m (12,000 ft).

The Kootenay Rockies offer a number of clean, natural, uncrowded outdoor activities including a rather lively mountain biking culture. The Kootenay provide various trails for riders to take. Plus, towns in the region are quite appreciative of the biking culture. In fact the city of Rossland was crowned the mountain biking capital of British Columbia some time back.

But biking is not the only outdoor activity that is popular in the Kootenay Rockies. Different ecosystems found in rivers, lakes, waterfalls, beaches, mineral hot springs, alpine meadows and snow-capped mountains provide outdoor enthusiasts with a bag full of things to do like canoeing, boating, cycling, windsurfing, water-skiing and whitewater rafting. The region is also known as a great fishing area where vacationing anglers can hike to alpine lake the Elk Valley, Flathead, St. Mary and Findlay river pools. The lakes around Creston seem to be filled with largemouth bass and lunkers.

Water sports and outdoor activities are quite common in the region and for good reasons. The Kokanee glacier is the source of freshwater of 30 lakes and river systems in the region.

The list above is only a partial listing of things you could do here. With this list in mind, it is not surprising that Kootenay Rockies has been called as "British Columbia’s Mountain Playground."

Although summer and spring activities are quite exciting and highly enjoyable, there’s another outdoor recreational activity that is quite popular int Kootenay. The region is also a popular winter vacation destination. Skiers and snowboarders go to the area to enjoy the impressive downhill ride. With an average snowfall of 171- 206cm (67 – 81 inches), the region is a lucrative business for ski resorts.

Others things to see include the National Parks Corridor, The Valley of a Thousand Peaks, The Elk Valley, Kootenay Lake, Central Kootenay, and The Arrow Lakes and Silvery Slocan.


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