The West Coast Trail

Located on the southern west coast of Vancouver Island is a 77 kilometer trail that starts from Port hiking british columbiaRenfrew on the south end to Bamfield on the north end. Commonly referred to as the West Coast Trail, this place is a favorite among hikers.

The trail features a lot of variety. From climbing clifflike ladders, wading mud bogs, riding cable cars, scrambling over slippery ocean boulders, racing the tides, maneuvering dangerous channels, photographing shipwreck relics, and a whole lot of other activities that could involve hauling yourself up or pulling ropes in rocky cliffs.

Part of the Pacific Rim National Parks system, the West Coast Trail has nothing short of outstanding natural features to offer. May they be terrestrial or marine based, these natural sceneries and wonders adds to the beauty of the trail. One can only gawk at the scenic beauty of the west coast. With beaches, bays, coves, creeks, storm-chiseled caves, and wonderful and seemingly enchanting forests and waterfalls, the trail is something like a dream for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Regular season for West Coast Trail hiking is from May 1 to September 30. Park officials discourage hiking the trail during the off-season citing possible dangerous circumstances. Hiking the trail usually takes 6 to 10 days. Knowing this, be warned that the hike is not for beginners or the inexperienced. The West Coast Trail needs stamina, experience, and well thought of planning.

First and foremost, you should be well equipped with a pack that includes sleeping bags and a rainproof light weight tents. With an annual rainfall of 270 cm (106 inches), it is more likely that you will encounter rain during the duration of your hike.

Slippery terrain, and creek fording adds to the difficulty of the hike. There are a number of commercial guides who operate in the park that hikers can hire.

Although, the hike can be really exciting, we can only stress that you arrange for a completely self sufficient pack. No supplies can be acquired on the trail which is a great reason for packing more light weight and spoil proof food.


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