Vancouver’s Marijuana Cafes

vancouver marijuana cafeVancouver is among the few places in the world were recreational use of marijuana is tolerated. Like the progressive social policy used in the Netherlands, the city has a small number of marijuana cafés (as opposed to “coffeeshops” like in Amsterdam) where open smoking of soft drugs like marijuana and hashish is tolerated.

The only difference between the pot cafés of Vancouver and its Holland counterpart is that patrons in Vancouver must bring their own smoke since marijuana is being sold outside the establishment.

Smoking marijuana within city limits is technically considered illegal, but as long as one carries small amounts of pot or hashish for personal recreational use you are off the hook. However, cultivation of cannabis and possession of large amounts of soft drugs are not allowed by law at all and is punishable by stiff fines and (sometimes) jail sentences.

Many tourists go visit Vancouver’s soft drug cafés, a majority of them Americans considering the city as a cheaper alternative to Amsterdam. However, do remember to practice etiquette when partaking into the local marijuana scene. Tourists are advised to exercise same common sense, respect, and precautions used when smoking pot. For instance, do not try to smoke a joint while walking down the city streets out of respect for the locals. 

Also, try not to flaunt or talk in a loud voice about your use of soft drugs in public. Doing so would make you stand out to the locals, not to mention the unwanted attention you may draw yourself from police and criminal elements that exists in some streets. Keep also in mind that Vancouver has strict anti-smoking laws inside of most public buildings including bars and nightclubs, which is why smoking a joint inside a pot café is very much advisable.


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