Vancouver’s, Multiculturalism & Diversity

vancouverVancouver is proud of its diversity, with richly woven textures and traditions of different cultures, lifestyles, and experiences. Several locations in the city would leave you a lasting impression and get to learn more about these cultures.

For starters, visitors in Vancouver could explore the award-winning Museum of Anthropology, where thousands of artifacts and objects linking to British Columbia’s First Nations are displayed. Checking out its exhibits on the province’s native cultures are both educational and entertaining.

From there, take a stroll along the colorful streets of Chinatown, one of the largest (and cleanest) of its kind in North America. Vancouver’s vibrant Chinese community started settling in the city since the mid-19th Century. Today, it is a haven for exotic shopping while admiring the center’s unique architecture and culinary aromas.

Asian culture is also evident in Richmond, a city near Vancouver where you can find a deeply-rooted Asian community, in particular its Golden Village. It also has a great shopping area where one can see a showcase of Asian entrepreneurship. You would not miss its various shopping centers like the Aberdeen Centre, Parker Place Shopping Centre, President Plaza, and Union Square Mall, where you can expect jostling, noisy crowd all looking for the best bargain. After a round of shopping, one can also visit the Buddhist Temple for some moments of serenity, peace, and tranquility.

Vancouver also benefits from a sizable population of East Indian immigrants, majority of them living in Little India. Its vibrant shopping district, Punjabi Market, is worth a visit. This area bears a striking resemblance to its exotic homeland, with its rows of fine silk fabrics, aromatic spices, authentic food and a high concentration of jewelers who are always open for bargaining.

Vancouver is also home of Little Italy, located at Commercial Drive. One can find plenty of hip restaurants and shops doing brisk business next to traditional sidewalk cafes and trattorias. Stop by and enjoy listening to some entertaining street performers, pick up fresh produce and artisan foods, and sip a latte at a sidewalk cafe and watch other people passing by.

Whatever cultural experience you wanted to take, you’ll be glad that you visit Vancouver.


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