British Columbia Fishing Activities

bc canadaCanada’s British Columbia has an intricate system of lakes and rivers around the province, not to mention the long Pacific Ocean coast along the west. This has long been one of North America’s best fishing destinations, where fisher from all over the world are reeling in with hopes of getting giant-sized steelhead, huge sturgeon, and mammoth salmon. The waters of BC is also abundant with rainbow trout, Dolly Varden, Yellowhead perch, and other species. 

It is in British Columbia where you find the Salmon Fishing Capital of the World, Campbell River, which is one of the finest salmon-fishing destinations. Here, you are most likely to catch the big ones. You can also try becoming a member of the Tyee Club, which is an association of conservative fishers with strict regulations against the use of engine boats. Being a member here means that you need to row your bow and use light tackle in order to fish the famous Tyee Pool.

Almost the entire coast of British Columbia provide ample supply of salmon, halibut, or ground fish for the adventurous fishers. Meanwhile, the Hakai Pass, Queen Charlotte Islands, and northern waters near Kitimat and Prince Rupert boast excellent salt water fishing opportunities. Fishing lodges can be found almost anywhere in the province, ranging from deluxe fly-in remote coastal lodges to budget-minded motels.

BC’s lakes and rivers boast of thousands of magnificant fishing opportunities for the freshwater varieties from fighting steelhead to Kokanee salmon, to Dolly Varden, the famous Kamloops trout, and the world’s largest breed of rainbow trout found only in Kootenay, the Gerrard.

Various fishing tours and activities have become abundant in the province, which is why you need to consult with British Columbia’s expert and knowledgeable fishing guides to provide you with your dream fishing vacation.


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